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    Can someone please explain to me what 3g means? I see it everywhere when researching the bold in reference to the Iphone but still have no idea what it means.

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    06-12-08 08:48 PM
  2. berrywhite's Avatar
    3G stands for 3rd generation which is a faster network then GSM/EDGE
    06-12-08 08:49 PM
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    So the I phone has a faster network than the blackberry? Will the bold network be better? Thank you for the quick response berry!

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    06-12-08 09:17 PM
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    The Bold and the iphoney will bot run on 3G...

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    06-12-08 09:34 PM
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    Basically it's an evolution process on the speed of data on your device... We started off with 1g service which was was slower than dial up. Then we went to 2G service was closer to dial up speed, but not quite. Then 2.5G which is EDGE and was about the same as dial up. The next step was 3g which is UMTS which provider speeds closer to dsl. 3.5 was next which is UMTS/HSDPA and just like EDGE is like a boost to the UMTS signal. With this boost, you received dsl or higher (closer to cable like speeds)

    The next step will be 4g, then 5g, 6g and so on...

    All that is how I think about it and isn't scientifically proven with tests.

    Good place to start : UMTS and 3G FAQ page
    Verizon/Sprint both have 3g as well, but theirs is called "cdma2000 1xEV-DO" rather than UMTS. The difference is that UMTS can handle simultaneous voice + data. This means I can be on the phone with my g/f and looking up movies times on my web browser.

    Can be found when using the search over in this thread.
    06-13-08 03:07 AM