1. griffdog's Avatar
    Hello everyone, I am a newbie to CrackBerry and am already finding a lot of great information.

    My company is "cool" enough to allow its employees to use their corporate cell phone for personal calls and text messaging (within reason). While I do not have any malevolent plans to abuse this service, I do have one pressing question/concern.

    We use the BES and I am curious about what exactly my company has the ability to see and monitor. Can they listen to/read/see: phone calls, sms, mms, corporate email, personal email, Blackberry Messenger (PIN), etc.? Also, can any media such as music, videos, or photos stored on my 8800 be viewed using the BES?

    I really just want to know how potentially monitored my personal communications may be.

    Thanks to anyone who may be able to provide me with some answers on this matter.

    09-27-07 11:42 AM