1. crackedout429's Avatar
    I just recently got a BBCurve after having a verizon env for two years. In my env i had a micro sd card which i then took all the pics and video and put them on my computer since I read when i put the card into my curve the media previously on the card would be deleted.

    load the card in and everything and go to the media section to find that all my picturesand videos that were on the card are still there and show up on the curve under my pictures.

    is that normal?
    09-22-08 03:18 PM
  2. jenaywins's Avatar
    No, the pics are supposed to be there. That's normal.

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    09-22-08 03:21 PM
  3. Pete6's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    You will have to manually delete the pics from your phone because Desktop Manager does not make the assumption that you wanted them deleted.
    09-22-08 03:22 PM
  4. crackedout429's Avatar
    ahh got it.

    09-22-08 03:31 PM