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    I uploaded music to my BB for the first time today and tried to play it in my car. I had to turn the volume on the car stereo up extremely high and could still barely hear it. We're talking so loud that the buzz from amplifier was about as loud as the actual music.

    I had the volume on the blackberry up all the way - unless there is a master volume somewhere other than on the music player screen (?). It even gave me a warning that I was about to activate audio boost and it might be loud enough to damage my hearing - needless to say that didn't happen.

    I'm sure that it's the BB and not my car because I unplugged the BB, plugged in my ipod and the same songs came in at normal volume.

    Is this a problem with my specific device? or does someone know what I'm missing?

    Thanks for your suggestions,

    09-17-08 09:13 PM
  2. fla030's Avatar
    When playing your song hit menu and then select play thru speakerphone.

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    09-17-08 09:28 PM
  3. olden.j's Avatar
    Sorry, I should have mentioned that I was not trying to play music on the blackberry speakers... I am trying to play music on my car speakers by plugging it into my car stereo via the headphone jack.

    When I selected "play through speakerphone" it transfered the sound to coming from the handset. While it is what I would expect from built in blackberry speakers... it's not what I'm trying to do.

    Any other suggestions?

    09-18-08 08:38 PM
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    I also have an 8330 v4.3.0.127, played audio tracks through car and on different headphones. I can get the volume up to where it sounds good on both headphones and through an aux input in on the car stereo, but the blackBerry volume does have to be all the way up. I too have the car system almost full tilt, and that stinks when I change the audio mode back to something other than the Aux, almost blowing my kids ears out.

    I have audio boost enabled and do get the warning when I push the volume up all the way on the device.

    To sum things up, no real noticeable difference in the volume level with audio boost enabled.
    11-21-08 08:27 AM
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    11-21-08 09:24 AM
  6. skicheer12's Avatar
    has anyone found a resolution to this?
    02-01-09 01:37 PM
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    This problem is NO where near solved considering I have to Storm 9350 and the volume output is trash. I have my BB volume maxed, the volume on my amplifier maxed, and the volume on my speakers maxed. (yes I have an amplifier) HORRIBLE. Someone give me a hack for this issue.
    05-21-09 03:18 AM
  8. lmhenry's Avatar
    I have this same issue. Did anyone find a resolution to this?
    01-20-10 07:07 AM
  9. wDH xOuTraideRx's Avatar
    Hello, i have this problem
    every time i connect my headphones the warining message shows, once, i select to turn off the audio boost and never ask again, now, the message, obviously doesnt appear, but now, i cant find a way to turn the audioboost on, any help?
    06-14-10 11:52 AM