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    I downloaded Crackberry viigo several days ago from this site. It seems to update normally and navigate properly (or what I assume is normal). I clicked options/account and it read: I have created my account but it has not been verified? I received an account verification for Crackberry, I did not receive an email verification from viigo upon downloading it? Anyway, I clicked the option to resend me my viigo verification it did not work? I went to viigo homepage and filled out a request ticket for support and I couldn't get the request to upload on their own site? Does anyone have a solution? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks -Brandon-

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    09-07-08 06:58 PM
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    I had issues earlier today getting viigo, after doing some snooping around etc I came across the beta version, installed that, and it works wonderfully..

    I was getting runtime errors etc, corrupt links in the verification email on my handheld even though I finally verified it in my hotmail on my laptop from the earlier one I installed.

    This one worked for me.

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    09-07-08 08:22 PM
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    Rachel, thankfully I resolved my issues. I am really lucky because, I have my Blackberry for internet. My laptop is toast. Glad it worked out for you too.

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    09-07-08 10:44 PM