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    Ive had my 8100 Pearl for about a month now. I had thought I already knew everything I needed to know about my phone. Boy was I wrong. Love the themes that are available, Ive already downloaded 3 diff ones.
    So in advance, thanks for all the info and help, Ill need them.
    02-03-08 06:30 AM
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    Welcome to CB and the BB World
    02-03-08 07:03 AM
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    Welcome. The mods here are great. I have learned so much bu just reading everyone elses questions. i'm sure it will be the same for you.
    02-03-08 07:08 AM
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    Welcome to CB, great folks & great info here.
    02-03-08 07:57 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry!
    02-03-08 08:42 AM
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    Welcome to the forums!
    02-03-08 08:48 AM
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    nice berry! glad you're enjoying cb so far.
    02-03-08 10:52 AM
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    Welcome to CB. I'm kinda new too. But I love it here!
    02-03-08 11:11 AM
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    Welcome & Enjoy!!!!
    02-03-08 01:40 PM
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    welcome to CB!
    02-03-08 02:24 PM
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    welcome to the cb....
    02-04-08 01:25 AM
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    Greetings and welcome aboard.
    02-04-08 09:43 AM
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    Welcome the the Black and the Crack.


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    02-04-08 05:40 PM
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    hey welcome
    03-16-08 06:05 AM