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    So I've been a long-time Sprint customer (5+ years). I have the highly held SERO plan, with power vision, etc., etc.

    I never thought that I would like or really need a BlackBerry for myself before using my friends 8830 last week. He just received it from Verizon not too long ago and LOVES it. So I decided to check it out myself and am very, VERY impressed with it. Basically, I am 80% sure I will be getting the 8830 when it comes to Sprint next month.

    My only gripe (and I usually don't complain about prices) is the $40 cost that will be added to my Sprint bill for the BB service. I mean I really see no point in getting the 8830 if I don't get the push e-mail and internet access directly through BlackBerry.

    So basically, seeing how I'm watering at the mouth right now just typing this, lol, I think I'll be getting the 8830.

    FINALLY, my question(s) are:

    1) do you, or has anyone you know been able to get the BB plan for Sprint at a discounted price? I have heard a few people mentioning that they receive a $20 credit a month, so only really pay $20 a month for the service (I wouldn't mind paying $20 extra a month at ALL for the service).

    2) i have heard something about "3rd parties" that offer BB service as a significantly cheaper price, could someone please tell me a little about these parties?

    and finally...

    3) I work for the American Cancer Society and I know my boss has a BlackBerry for work. Do you think that I might be able to get a discounted BB plan through my employer?

    SORRY for making this so annoyingly long, lol, I'm just new to the BB thing and would like to make the most of my broke college a$$.
    06-21-07 12:28 AM
  2. KnappyRootz's Avatar
    No suggestions anyone?
    06-21-07 09:17 PM
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    Hey what's up, new here and new with my blackberry. I just got the service from Sprint. Yes it is 39.99 but that includes internet, mail and sync with pc for mobile modem, at least with my 8703. The 20 vision drops so it's actually only like paying 20 bucks more for the blackberry service. As for the discount go to the website and check employee discount area they will let you know. I work for the dod so they give 15% off, which I think is the highest. I would not go third parties especially with sprint....they are not like the "sim" card companies. Alright hope this helped. Good luck becoming a crackberry newbie.
    06-23-07 10:17 AM