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    Still lovin' the Curve. Have been able to download a couple of programs to make my life easier and in the process have run across a couple of issues I can't clear up.

    Where did my Brick Breaker go? I've looked high and low and can't seem to find it. Any ideas?

    The second issue - I'm showing an envelope with a 1 beside it. I've checked my email, my SMS and MMS, and my messages and don't find any unread or unopened messages. I've turned the BB on and off, in addition to doing a battery pull with no luck. Once again, any ideas?

    12-10-07 08:58 AM
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    When all else fails do a wipe but make sure to back up your info.
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    12-10-07 02:41 PM
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    Not sure how you have changed your home screen, but make sure that it is not a PIN. I have sms message box and one for each of my emails, but I still have one that I moved to a folder that the rare occasion that I get a PIN I will have to go there. You may have yours hidden.
    Hope this helps, but worth a try before you dump everything.
    12-10-07 03:16 PM
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    Some good information and check the forums. Also, welcome to CrackBerry
    12-10-07 11:59 PM
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    Welcome smurphy
    12-11-07 08:13 AM
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    Thanks for the info guys.

    Evidently the message was just a timing difference and eventually cleared itself.

    As far as missing icons (Brick Breaker & now I can't seem to find the icon for the memos) I guess I'll have to backup and then do a wipe. Not really sure how, but I'll do some research before asking.
    12-11-07 03:19 PM
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    On your home screen click menu and click show all see if maybe brick breaker and memo are there before you do a wipe. A wipe is simple smurph just make sure you back up everything before you do it and check your icons maybe they are hidden. Go to options-----> security options------> general settings------> click menu and then you will see wipe handheld as an option. GOOD LUCK!

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    12-11-07 04:04 PM
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    Damn Brian! Thats what I was gonna say!!
    12-11-07 04:07 PM
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    HAHA! Great minds thing alike huh Diego? What can I say you taught me well! LOL I am your young grasshopper well old bc I am older then you but yknow what I mean HAHAHA
    12-11-07 04:09 PM
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    Geez Brian, that really made my search easy and caused all sorts of other questions to pop up. After I've backed up, will I leave my BB connected to the desktop manager during the wipe? What's the procedure for reinstalling software I've downloaded to date (through the manager is my guess)?

    Oh - and I have checked all of my hidden icons - even under all of the other themes with no luck.
    12-11-07 06:06 PM
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    Glad to hear smurph! After you've backed up you can disconnect your curve from your desktop manager when proceeding with the wipe. The easiest way to download apps is OTA (over the air) via your berry however, it is good to get into the habit of using your desktop manager this way when you purchase a new device, or you have problems installing some apps at least you will always have that application handy right on your pc. When you wipe your handheld you will get it as you did the first time you purchased your berry. You will need to set up your email again, along with redownloading the apps you previously had, and your ringtones, pictures, videos etc unless you have them on your memory card. Just make sure you back up everything you want and have all your media saved on your memory card and you will be fine Hope this helps!

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    12-11-07 06:22 PM
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    It does help. Just to make sure...I'll have to have my IT dept set up my work email again or is there a way I can do that?
    12-11-07 06:31 PM
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    I'm going to have to let the experts answer that one bc you got me LOL I am still a newbie myself hehe Diego, your grasshopper needs some helppppp lol any idea?
    12-11-07 06:37 PM
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    BES is a whole diffent animal! We need CB Pimp or Audit to help out with that 1!
    12-11-07 06:45 PM
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    With no additional replies I searched the internet last night and was able to find no other answers. I've performed a wipe and still no Brick Breaker or memo icon. I will have to have my work IT dept set my BB back for receiving BES messages. Now I'm completely lost. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.
    12-12-07 08:34 AM
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    Well I am sure sorry for all the headack that you are going through. I am not sure if this will help, but I was on bb messange the other day and was talking about speel checker on the phone. we both have the curve 8310. He said he did not have that, I sugested that he go to BlackBerry - BlackBerry Downloads | Desktop Software Applications, Enterprise Server, Games & Ring Tones and get the most up to date device softwere. he did this and now he has spell checker.
    If you have not gotten the most up todate version which the phone did not come with, try that. Hope this helps
    12-12-07 03:23 PM