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    I'm waiting to receive my first BB. One of my customers has BES and issues handhelds to its staff. I rang and asked if it was possible to access my company email address on a BB that I owned rather than a company one. I gave the guy my company login and my BB voice number and got an email back saying I have been added to the BES and that I should:

    • Cradle my BB
    • Open Desktop Manager
    • Goto Redirector Setting - Click Security tab
    • Generate manual PIN

    It then goes on to say I should contact the company helpdesk for assistance in configuring my device.

    I see people here with PIN numbers on display. I intend to collect my own business POP3 email addresses with it and the company email is secondary in importance to these. Does generating a new manual PIN affect my own email please? Will I need to call them or will things magically work when I generate the PIN? When I do this is there anything they might do to force policies on me or change any settings on my device that might affect what I can do with it? If they do can I disconnect myself from their BES and restore my handset to normal?

    Is there anything undesirable that being connected to my customer's BES enables? I'm thinking of things like them being able to view SMS messages I may have exchanged with my other customers (their competitors) or my call records or visited websites?

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