1. lloydhill's Avatar
    Does anyone know if there is a way to use my computer (no wifi allowed) to connect my Blackberry 8320 to the internet? I have heard that you could set it up to automatically download email and other messages while away from desk.

    12-21-07 03:17 AM
  2. chaz_cb's Avatar
    To my knowledge, no.-you can use BB to connect PC to web, but not PC to connect BB to web (bluetooth or cable) If I'm wrong, someone let me know.
    12-21-07 05:22 AM
  3. angelo's Avatar
    i added a bluetooth device on my new sony viao but i'm still trying to figure this one. it doesn't seem to work. i notice on the destop manger that it has a bluetooth connection option but it wont let me click on it. if anyone knows how to do it, please let us know here the post or my pin. thank you and happy holidays to everyone!
    12-21-07 05:40 AM
  4. rohanross's Avatar
    I have a free 3G data-only SIM that came with my cable TV subscription which I have put in an iphone. I can't make calls on this SIM and just use the iphone for browsing. Conversely I have a call-only SIM which I have put in my Storm. So what I want to do is tether the Blackberry to the iPhone's 3G data via Bluetooth so I can get the best of both worlds on the Storm. But the BB doesn't seem to want to listen for TCP/IP from Bluetooth..

    Has anyone managed to figure out how to do it? Is there a piece of BB software out there or a hack?
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    06-25-09 01:21 AM