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    Hey Folks, In less than ten days I will purchase the Storm 9530 4.7 version. There is so much info out there that I am confused as to wait for the Storm 9520 with wi-fi or to wait for tweaks and upgrades to the 9530 4.7. Is the 9520 a myth? are all of the frustrations that experienced users are having with the storm 9530 important enough to weigh in my decision to wait or go for it with the purchase and look for the upgrades as they are developed and the app store to open? help this newbee/returnee out please. I have not owned a BB since the 6510. I am through with sprint. although I like the Pre with Palm and their new webos. I still do not like sprint and the size of the Pre is too small for my taste. My hope is that the RIM R/D people are hard at work creating and expanding the OS to have capabilities that the Pre has and wi-fi and that these are capable of being applied to the 9530. What are the chances? Give me some advice. Do I go ahead with the purchase of the 9530? Needing your counsel,

    01-21-09 09:39 AM