1. thekruser's Avatar
    Anyone know if there is a way to get one of the convenience keys to serve as the f-off button. Right now I can only silence the ringer with the mute key, but would like to get either the mute key or one of the convenience keys to serve as the disconnect key. Don't want to have to open the phone to send someone to VM. Call me lazy!! LOL!! Thanks for the help.
    11-28-08 07:11 PM
  2. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    Not sure how to do what you want but there is a program called black and white list that will put unknown callers and any other number you input into it straight to VM.
    11-28-08 07:25 PM
  3. thekruser's Avatar
    I have heard of that before, but I am trying to get a solution to a specific problem. NotNow is an app that will automatically bring up a list of prewritten SMS messages when you hit the f-off button. Things like, "I'm in a meeting, call you ASAP." and "Call me at home." and the like. Once you select one, it will send the SMS to the caller with two clicks vice having to type it out yourself. The flaw lies in the unavailability of the disconnect button on the outside of the Flip. To use this app, I have to choose to remove the auto answer feature that allows you to open the phone and start talking. It allows me to use the app, but now I have to open the phone, wait for it to catch up to me, and then hit accept for a call I want to take. I just want a button on the outside that will serve as the disconnect button found on the inside.
    11-28-08 07:52 PM