1. cbos34's Avatar
    I am new to the blackberry community.... I have been having problems with synch my calendar with outlook, I want to clear the device calendar in it's entirety but can't figure out how to do it
    02-20-08 04:01 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Try going to the agenda view, highlight the date, press menu and delete prior.
    02-20-08 04:12 PM
  3. agostino's Avatar
    I actually have a question somewhat related - it's about Outlook -

    Can I sync to 2 diff Outlooks on 2 diff computers (one at work, one at home)?

    They are both my calenders, etc. but after adding an entry on my BB (a new contact, e.g.) and then sync, whichever Outlook I sync to first, the data is transferred, but it is not transferred to the 2nd Outlook sync.
    02-20-08 05:13 PM