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    Need advice. Not currently a BB user but want to [email protected] Have been waiting for BB Bold but with all the delays I'm tired of waiting. Would the Curve be just as good, should I just go ahead and get one of those? Whatevery I get must have GPS (the 8310 and 8330 curves do I think) and expandable memory (again, both do I think).
    Any advice appreciated. Thanks
    09-25-08 09:25 PM
  2. jenaywins's Avatar
    Well, research the curve and see what you think - everyone is different. The curve only has expandable memoury in the form of a media card, which stores only that - media. If you are on vzw, they block the gps feature, so you'll have to subscribe to vznav for ten dollars a month.

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    09-25-08 09:42 PM
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    I'd wait on the bold if I were you I mean the wait won't be that much longer it'll be out b4 xmas. But at the same time the curve is great.

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    09-25-08 10:12 PM
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    Its not really fair to compare the curve to the bold. The bold is in a class of its own. However they are both great phones. It really depends on what you want/need in your phone. I currently have a curve and absolutely love it. I am however waiting on the bold.

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    09-25-08 10:43 PM
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    I am a new curve owner and love it. Had the bold been available I prolly might have picked that one. As far as GPS verizon does block it and makes you pay 10 dollars a month. I did however log into the Crackberry site on my laptop this afternoon and find out that a lawfirm is planning to bring a class action lawsuit against VZW because of that. Not sure if this will help but I wanted to let everyone know. This is prolly old news to all of you though. Berry On
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    09-25-08 11:32 PM
  6. bx2md's Avatar
    i too love my curve but just do the research and see wicth one would best fit your needs and work best for you and you cant go wrong with a bb
    good luck with your decision and welcome to cb
    09-25-08 11:40 PM
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    I have the curve through sprint. So I prolly won't see the bold for a long while. Happy with the curve though. Its a great phone!

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    09-25-08 11:53 PM
  8. saechavarry's Avatar
    Its all about personal preference. I have a Curve and it does everything I need and more, I love it!! You can always go to your local store and play with the Curves features to see if you like it then make your decision from there.

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    09-26-08 08:00 AM