1. dont know nothin's Avatar
    hello fellow bb people i have at&t bb curve i cant contact my pc to check email etc. pc service is thru comcast. i also cant download adobe flash phone simply freezes up.. and my desktop mgr.downloaded but when i try any applications it keeps telling me must be connected to messeging can i get some help i dont know nothing
    09-24-08 01:43 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    I'm not sure I understand anything you wrote... But for starters, there is no adobe flash for your phone.
    09-24-08 01:49 PM
  3. CorrinaSays's Avatar
    Have you connected your phone to your PC with a USB cable, and been able to use Desktop Manager? I don't really understand what you wrote either... Could you try your questions again?
    09-25-08 06:22 AM