1. JoeM's Avatar
    Do I need to let the battery run down to one or two bars before recharging?
    I remember that with some of my old phones, I was told that it was better to let the battery get low before recharging, that the battery "learned" this way and that it was not good to recharge unless it had run down.
    09-17-08 11:08 AM
  2. dragasoni's Avatar
    You should never let lithium-ion batteries drain down completely. These types of batteries prefer lots of partial charges, as opposed to full charges. I think you're thinking in terms of nickel-cadmium batteries; those should be drained completely every time.

    However, every 30 cycles (1 cycle is a full drain and recharge) you should drain it down low and recharge. For example, say you drain the battery 50% and charge it. Doing this twice is considered 1 cycle.

    09-17-08 11:44 AM