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    I have unlimited BIS data plan. This plan doesn't include WAP as usual. I contacted my carrier and got WAP shut down to avoid highly WAP charges. I also checked the WAP browser to see if it works. It doesn't connect as expected. Now, I installed CB launcher. It is nice to read the forums using this tool. AFAIK, CB launcher uses WAP pages.

    Now my question is: Considering my WAP connection is closed by the carrier and I don't use WAP browser of BB Bold, will I be charged for WAP by my carrier for my use CB launcher?

    Or maybe in a more general question, do the websites beginning "wap" in general use WAP connection which in turn will be charged by carriers for WAP usage? Can these sites be viewed by say, opera mini without using carrier's WAP connection?

    I am not quite sure but I feel that websites beginning with "wap" are pages optimized for mobile connection. It has nothing to do with WAP connection of a carrier.

    Any insight would be appreciated,
    Thank you
    05-10-09 08:07 AM