1. mamabug's Avatar
    Not sure if there is any hope, but just have to try.

    I have an ancient bb - 6280. someone gave it to me. I got it set up with my t-mobile network, but it will not make or receive phone calls. there is no phone icon on the main menu. The button on top of the phone to operate the phone does nothing when pushed, except make a click noise as the buttons do. None of the options opens the phone.

    When there is an incoming call the only thing that happens is a little arrow on the top right hand corner of the screen. There is no option to answer the call.

    I can send and receive text messages. Have not tried much else, it is pretty useless w/o phone option working.

    Any ideas?????? (sorry so long, thanks for any help. If there is any )
    06-16-08 10:01 PM
  2. mab4285's Avatar
    Have you tried wiping the device to reset it to factory settings? I'm not sure how to do that on your device, but the BB website may tell you how!

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    06-17-08 04:50 AM
  3. fantom1023's Avatar
    Does it have the Radio on/off option like the newer devices? I would look for something like that first, and then look for an instruction guide for the device next. Good luck.
    06-21-08 12:42 AM