1. Kantaris's Avatar
    My CIO is **** bent on rolling out a Bold and Tetherberry to every employee in the company (over 600).

    He uses tetherberry all the time to stream his slingbox, browse the internet, and do whatever he wants.

    I tried telling him that AT&T will catch him and hit the company with a huge data bill, but I can't find anything OFFICIAL from AT&T that says "don't do this or THIS will happen"

    Also, how secure is the phone/data? Could someone potentially sit there and use a packet sniffer/bluetooth hack and see your packets/data?
    05-20-09 11:43 AM
  2. jrod3055's Avatar
    I have read on this site that some people were hit with large data plans using tetherberry. If he is looking for something in writing he need go no further than the ATT disclosure use. Verizon has their version of this disclosure (I call it the do's and dont's) and many of Internet lawyers have given their opinion of whether using Tetherberry is good or bad. Unfortunately, for every reason not to use it, you find a reason for using it. And it appears he is going to do it anyway, so i suggest this. Get it in writing (e-mail) that he wants this done and save many copies of this e-mail so in the event ATT does slap your company with a very large bill, you will have your defense for doing it. Remember he is a CIO and you don't make what he makes. Its call C.Y.A. Good Luck
    05-20-09 12:36 PM