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    I have my theme on my blackberry set for the "today theme" but for some reason none of my calendar items are showing on my home screen! I thought that when I used this theme that the next 2 appointments that are coming up would show up on my screen?? Any suggestions??
    08-31-08 02:46 PM
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    i had the same problem.* Go to Desktop Manager--> Backup and restore.* Click on Advanced.* On the right side, highlight calendar the click clear.* Then click refresh.* Once it shows that the calendar is cleared, close this.* Then sync your phone.* Once it finished the sync my appointments showed up on the home screen.
    08-31-08 10:18 PM
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    I am a MotoQ to Crackberry convert. I love the Today Theme, mainly for the calendar events being displayed. I too was having an issue with events not properly displaying on the home screen. After much frustration, backing up and wiping my phone, and numberous calls to BB support... I finally noticed something.

    The events on the home screen displayed properly after I wiped my phone and reinstalled everything. THEN... I relinked my email accounts. This is exactly when the calendar events started not displaying again. (A deleted event would even remain on the home screen until I switched themes back-and-forth or rebooted my phone.)

    This issue IS tied to the fact that when you add/link email accounts, the calendar always wants to associate an event with a linked email address. If you have email accounts linked to your phone, there is no way to set up a calendar event without it being linked to an email address.

    1. Go to Options - Advanced - Service Book
    2. You will see 2 items listed for every email account you have linked.
    3. Click on one of the email items to view its Service Record.
    4. DELETE the email item that has CICAL listed for CID.
    5. DO NOT delete the email item that has CMIME listed for CID.
    6. Do this for every email account you see listed there.

    After you have completed this, you are good to go. I have not experienced any more issues with calendar events on the today theme home screen. The only functionality that I can see will be removed by following these instructions is that you will not be able to send invitations from a calendar event.
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    09-04-08 05:14 PM