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    I am new here and to the whole Blackberry community. I have recently purchased a Blackberry Bold to replace my iPhone since it was buggy and the keyboard kept crashing. Anyways, let's get back on topic.

    I have successfully synced all of my calendars, emails, and contacts to my new device. However, all of my calendar appointments are showing up under the wrong email. I would like them to show up as my personal email instead of my business email, since they are personal agendas. When I open up an agenda via the calendar app, it shows "Send Using: business email." I am using that alias as to not give out my personal information. I would like to transfer all of these calendar agendas to my person email account. Is this possible, and how do I go about doing it.

    Things I have tried: I have tried changing the Calendar (CICAL) to the email I would like it to be, but it deletes all of my appointments. I would simply like to transfer them all.

    Please help, thanks.

    Ethan Nixon
    06-10-09 10:51 PM