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    Hello all, new to the blackberry and struggling between 2 options:
    - buy curve now
    - buy bold now
    - wait for javelin

    To be honest, I dont understand the difference between the bold and the curve bar the 3g/2g thing. Are they functionally the same? Many forums seem to suggest there are two blackberry streams the these are the current leaders in these areas.

    In terms of Javelin, what does it have that the curve doesnt? I assume all functionality works under 2G? I also assume you need a WIFI account if you want to use that option?

    I want one for personal use to be able mainly to receive emails regarding a website service I run and also for half time footy scores etc on a saturday!

    Any advice useful
    08-23-08 01:38 PM
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    Here is a comparison chart. You didn't mention which carrier you were with so I put all three curves.

    BOLD vs. Curves

    Between the Curves...

    8310 is gps/gsm.
    8320 is wifi/gsm.
    8300 is gps/cdma

    The 8320, you can use with a GPS KeyChain or puck to have both wifi and gps.

    The Bold has both Wifi and GPS w/o the need for a puck for the GSM version of the Bold (AT&T and T-mobile). It also has twice the processing power. Better screen resolution and the latest 4.6 OS, which yields a pretty damn good browser.

    The Bold is the successor to the 88XX series. The Javelin like the 2nd coming of the Curve. It's souped up. It has twice the processing power and a 3.2mp camera. No 3g, but it has wifi, gps and a great screen. The Bold has been announced and the Javelin can still be a myth until BB announces it.

    Hope this helps.

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    08-24-08 02:02 AM
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    thanks for the info, very useful.

    In terms of size - anyone comment on the physical difference? does the bold feel huge compared to the curve?
    Might need to track down a store!

    dont particularly want to wait for a product which hasnt been released yet and has no release date
    08-24-08 02:39 AM