1. biondopazzo's Avatar
    Hi guys!
    Iím an Italian student that is here in the US for improve his english.
    I want to buy a BlackBerry Pearl but I still have a lot of question about that phone.. So I hope that you can help me =)
    1- Iím going to stay here just until march. So I want to know if I will have problem to use my BlackBerry in Italy? I want to buy it here because is cheaper and also because we donít have the version 8130 in Italy (we have the 8120).
    2- I would know if is possible buy a BlackBerry without a plan. I donít need a contract because I will go back to my country soon.
    3- I think that the only difference between the model 8110 and 8130 is the connection, isnít it? But Iím wondering if the difference is really relevant or not, I mean if the 8130 is really faster than the 8110.
    4- Where is the best and cheapest place to buy it?
    5- Do you any suggestion about my decision? Do you think will be better buy it in italy laso if will cost a lot more and we donít have the 8130 version but just the 8110 or 8120?

    Thank you for your answer..
    02-09-08 03:29 PM
  2. kasperapd's Avatar
    The 8130 will not be compatible with your network in Italy as it uses different technology. Stick with the 8110 or 8120, neither of which are available yet in the US to my knowledge.
    02-10-08 12:16 AM