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    I recently bought a bb curve 8310 and I absolutely adore it! The guy I bought it from had bought it through Vodafone, and so their software is on the phone. That's ok, I've bought a pay-as-you-talk sim with vodafone (uk).

    However, I'd really like to use all the internet features, but my bb browser seems to be locked to the wap.vodafone APN. I've changed the settings in Options>advanced options>browser to pp.vodafone which is the APN for pay-as-you-talk. And now my Opera mini is working fine, and I'm using it to write this (wow )

    So I figured I'd just use the Opera Mini, and forget about the vodafone crap (no offense, just trying to unload a few frustrations), but every time I try to download something, opera tries to invoke the browser, and it won't work because it's got the wrong APN. I've tried to change the options in the vodafone/bb browser, but it all seems locked - and I can't change anything. I can see the settings, and they're called vodafone live, but I have no way of changing them??!

    I tried to go to the vodafone store, but they seemed to know even less than I do, and just told me that the phone was locked, and I wouldn't be able to use the internet on it.

    Does anyone know if and how it's possible to change the settings in the browser? Any help is greatly appreciated

    Thanks for your time, Anne

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    02-09-08 04:59 PM