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    I just bought my brand new pearl a couple days ago and I am already addicted! There are some very helpful posts on here which I appreciate, but I am still having a hard time figuring out sending pictues to other phones. I did read what eveyone has been posting about mms messaging and sprint, and the email address for Verizon doesn't seem to work. What do I do now? Thanks for your help!
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    04-18-08 09:05 AM
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    Sometimes the carriers restrict the size of mms message attatchments. Did you register your phone on the network?
    04-18-08 10:03 AM
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    How are you trying to send pictures?

    You said, "the email address for Verizon doesn't seem to work" and leads me to believe you are trying to send as an email to a phone email address (technically mms for the receiver.)

    Check this thread out.
    04-18-08 11:45 AM
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    I don't have an option under the menu for mms messaging unde the option for SMS messaging. I am told it is because sprint is my carrier. So I am trying to figure out how to send pictures to my friends and family (the majority who are on Verizon). There has to be a way to send pictures to other phones, right?
    04-19-08 08:16 AM
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    Thanks for the warm welcomes, everyone! I am super excited to be here.
    Jayden, I had read on a thread that to send pictures from sprint pearl (let's say to a Verizon)TBay I I needed to use the following address ##########@vzwpix.com. This isn't working.
    04-19-08 08:32 AM
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    The only way you will be able to send pictures is through the picture email of that phone. Sprint does not allow mms on BB's for some reason. They say its due to their CDMA network. I have included the picture emails from other phones. Try sending a picture to another phones email. If that doesn't work then its the phone if it does then the picture mail address you were using is not good.

    Picture mail from sprint blackberry is done by sending as an email. Use the following info depending upon the carrier you are sending to.

    Sprint : [email protected]
    Verizon : [email protected]
    Cingular : [email protected]
    US Cellular : [email protected]
    T-Mobile : [email protected]
    Nextel : [email protected]
    Alltel : [email protected]
    AT&T : [email protected]
    Boost Mobile : [email protected]
    Virgin Mobile : [email protected]
    04-19-08 08:48 AM
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    Hope you got your issue resolved
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    Ok, I will give that a try. So, this may be a silly question, but in place of the mdn in the address I use their mobile number, right? Thanks for all of everybody's help!!
    04-20-08 08:10 AM
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    Welcome an enjoy your BB.
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    I have Sprint also and It sends me back error messages when I send pics via email to verizon. If I send a picture from my computer it works. Must be sprint.
    05-09-08 06:21 PM
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    For Sprint Customers:

    Emailing pictures using the carriers address to Verizon and I think Alltel customers don't work.

    Verizon and Alltel customers never get the pictures. This is a complete Sprint issue that they have failed to fix and/or provide a true MMS platfrom since the Pearl came out in Nov.
    05-09-08 07:13 PM
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