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    Hey guys and gals,

    First time offender here. I have owned a Sidekick 3, and a Dash. I just purchased an 8310 off of eBay. I am hooked. I just had it unlocked so I could use with T-Mobile. The only thing I am failing to get my head around are all of these 3rd party apps. I am very techno-inclined (word?) so I don't see a problem adjusting. I am really into web browsing and music. Any ideas what 3rd party software I should grab?

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    Start here:
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    welcome and for music-flipside
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    blackberry was a wise choice
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    Welcome to CB. Get google maps,opera mini,vigo cb edition,and if you have google talk and gmail, get the mobil apps for those as well. And again welcome to CB
    03-10-08 12:14 AM
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    crack on is right lol

    welcome :]
    Hey cate, congrats on master status.
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