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    Ok, so I've had the Pearl and the Curve, but I never really took advantage of all the things these little devices could do. The Bold has blown me away and I want to utilize everything! First off, all I want to do is change my texts and email alerts to certain tones I have downloaded from this site. I figured out how to change the alerts, but when the options pull up, I'm only given a choice between the tones that came on my device and not the others?
    Second issue...I set up my Desktop Manager and try to do the Media Manager. There are 2 options that come up-Media Manager and Blackberry Media Sync. I am only able to use the media manager, but it will only let me access about 10% of the songs I actually have on my computer-no pics or video! When I try to do the Media Sync, it says "Blackberry Media Sync installation failed to initialize" and I need to run the program as administrator, but when I do that it no longer shows my device as being connected?? What am I doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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