1. Snoopy-13367's Avatar
    Hello everyone here!

    I have been on CB a while and this is the first time I have come across this page and am very glad to have found it.

    Considering CB is very large, with lots of stuff to cover.
    Please forgive me for taking so long for find my place here.

    I have experience with mobile phones since 1992 but my first BlackBerry was the Z10. That I have since 28 Feb 2013 and it's my spare and test device since I had purchased the nicer version of the Z10 named Porsche Design P9982 by BlackBerry
    I love to write on glass since the intelligent virtual keyboard of BlackBerry 10 and the performance of the Z10 is enough for me.

    But then after all the introducing videos and reviews about the Passport with his great touchscreen (unfortunately w/ HW keyboard) I as an early adopter couldn't pass the Passport - I had to test it. :-)
    And I thought "maybe the reason for the lagging calendar is too little CPU performance? - then this will be a nice solution for a fast calendar experience!"

    If you use your calendar daily then you know that my thought was only hope but no wish that comes true.
    And the Passport w/ BB10.3.0.1418 has to much errors at the moment so I use the nice P9982 w/ BB10.2.1.3247 and be happy.

    Sorry for such a long introduction but so you know me better ;-)
    I have written that cause I know the good community here where everybody helps if he/she can.

    Snoopy in Germany w/  P9982 + Passport + Z10
    01-02-15 04:41 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Welcome and glad you found us. I'm sure someone with a passport will come along to Help!
    01-02-15 04:44 PM
  3. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    Lots of help here for you!
    01-02-15 04:44 PM
  4. Snoopy-13367's Avatar
    Hello hamsterwheel, hello jaydee5799,

    thank you!

    The problems with the Passport come from the SW failures in BlackBerry and I simply have to wait for the new firmware.
    One of these errors in short version:
    After using this OS version a few weeks the volume over Bluetooth is fixed on maximum!
    So I can no longer use the assistant or music playing.
    I will search in the forums here if I couldn't wait longer.

    Snoopy in Germany w/  P9982 + Passport + Z10
    01-02-15 04:57 PM

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