1. Beefy4605's Avatar
    Hi there . First post so go easy on me
    I'm in the Uk and it will soon be contract renewal time . I currently have a Nokia N95 - 8gb but have seen the Blackberry Storm and was wondering if it would be a better option for me . I mainly use it for -
    1 - Navigation - have seen BB Maps . Liked it but put off by the fact that you cannot preview the route as you can in Tomtom navigator 6 for Symbian phones.What other Navigation options are there for the BB Storm that cover Europe?
    2- email. Probably send and receive at least 20 of each / day. How have users found the touch screen ?
    3 - Music have nearly 600 mp3's on my Nokia and connect to my cars head unit through a 3.5mm jack plug. I don't like keeping lots of CD's in the car.Can this or something similar be done on a BB ?
    As you can see I know very and I do mean very little about the BBStorm .

    Has anyone else here come from a N95 to a Storm ? What did you miss ? What works better for you now?
    01-16-09 02:05 PM
  2. yellowzebra.'s Avatar
    This shows how little I know about my phone.
    All I can say, email is amazing on it. I'm used to touch screens so I found it easy to use..even with the clicking. It's almost like using a non-touch screen phone, but not..
    About the music, pretty sure you can connect it to your car.
    01-16-09 10:16 PM