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    Hey all. I just bought the Blackberry 8130 Pearl. I bought the download version of Aimersoft Suite so I can put movies on my phone. I bought the blackberry version of the software.

    My problem is this.... When I start to convert my vdeo file down to be ready for my phone I only get 4 options to select and my phone isnt on the list. I use the Blackberry Curve options and all goes well, but I'm thinking my resolution could be better seeings how Im using the Curve setting and it has a much bigger screen.

    I'm not even sure what resolution I should be using for my screen. I just know all my options are related to the Blackberry with the bigger screen Any advice would be great. I'm very open minded to buying better software.

    Many thanks in advance

    Blackberry Crackhead
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    12-30-07 03:16 PM
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    You may want to try teh 8100 setting as the 8130 is fairly new. Since the Curve format works I would imagine the 8100 would be a better match up.
    12-30-07 03:19 PM
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    I have video works just fine actually great.

    First question: Do you have a media card installed in you BB?
    12-30-07 03:24 PM
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    Yea, I got the 4gig chip and wifi headset combo thing. The chip is in. Here is a screenshot of my options. areag51.com/options.gif . I dont even get the 8100 option.

    This software is the most up to date version so I'm starting to think I need new software?

    12-30-07 03:34 PM
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    just convert the video and put it some where on your hard drive and then copy and paste it to your BB.
    12-30-07 03:38 PM
  6. Wargear's Avatar
    cool, whats the best resolution to use for my screen size and what is best format to convert my files to?

    12-30-07 03:41 PM
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    Check out this site: BlackBerry Search Results

    And the screen resolution is 240x260
    12-30-07 03:46 PM
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    tyvm =)

    12-30-07 03:47 PM
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    No problem. Enjoy your BB
    12-30-07 03:48 PM