1. miguel_loves_jesus's Avatar
    I have question, has anyone had any business with NCOA (National Cellular Owners Association) insurance company? or any insurance company with a curve?

    also, does anyone know the best insurance protection place for a BB Curve? cause i know cingular does not offer it...
    11-15-07 01:15 PM
  2. John Clark's Avatar
    I've never felt that insurance on a phone was worth it. The monthly is high, the deductibles are high, and they always find a reason not to cover the device. After you pay a $100 deductible and the monthly fee, it just doesn't cost you that much to take the chance on having to buy a new device.

    However, to answer your question, no...I've never dealt with that company (or any phone insurance company.)
    11-15-07 03:51 PM