1. waraas's Avatar
    I got a unlocked refurbished blackberry off ebay last week. But, sadly, it crashes a lot. It mostly crashes when I run apps or make phone calls. To restart the BB I have to plug it into the charger or via usb. The battery says its full, and never crashes when its pluged in.

    Anyone have any suggestions on a fix? Or shall I send the piece of B back to the guy who sold it to me...
    09-30-08 01:11 AM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Reload the OS.
    09-30-08 01:31 AM
  3. Silverwings2005's Avatar
    Check my sig for how to do so.

    (It's on the upgrade/downgrade link, the links to the offical OS for your carrier are in the "How to recover a dead berry" if you need to find the OS)
    09-30-08 02:31 AM
  4. waraas's Avatar
    Thanks guys. So far this is a pretty kool forum

    I will try and reinstall my os now.
    09-30-08 02:41 AM
  5. waraas's Avatar
    Well I was close. I reinstalled the OS, I then played with it for an hour, and then it died on me again. Looks like I will have to send it back
    09-30-08 04:11 AM