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    When you enable Wi-Fi, and still have 3G Mobile Network running, does the Internet Browser use the Wi-Fi instead of the Mobile Network for surfing? How can you ensure that your Wi-Fi is being used and not the Mobile Network? I tried going to whatismyip.com to check, but I think its going through a proxy.

    09-02-08 07:42 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    The Bold does have Wifi capability, but, Rogers does not offer Talkspot support.

    Talkspot activates UMA.

    Without UMA, you can still use your Browser through the Wifi connection.
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    09-02-08 08:27 PM
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    How do I set up my email to go through Wi-Fi when im connected to both Wi-Fi and 3G? I have set my browser to go to Hotspot browser. Is there a similar change I need to do for email?
    09-02-08 09:04 PM