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    I am a complete 'Newbie' where Blackberries are concerned, I've spent the whole day setting up my new BB Bold, but when I go to 'Maps' it says 'your device is not configured with BIS or BES and to check with system admin or wireless provider'. I am with Vodafone UK.

    I'd be really grateful if someone could give me some advice, I don't seem to be having much luck with the UK forums!

    Many Thanks,

    09-08-08 10:53 AM
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    Welcome to CB! You will learn a lot here. I wish I could help with your problem.
    09-08-08 10:59 AM
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    BES is mostly for corporate uses. What you need is BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service). This is how your phone gets to talk to the Internet and to get its emails. All valid internet datasteams come via BIS.

    You should call your carrier and ask about BlackBerry data plans, BIS or just 'How do I get emails and Internet on my new BlackBerry?'

    These plans cost money per month and there are plenty of people here to advise you on the best plan for your carrier/country.

    To give you an idea, my plan is in two parts. BIS is free but OI pay $20/month for up to 5000 emails and I pay a further $10/month for 50Mb of internet data per month. All this is on top of my normal contract of $25/month.

    Obviously carrieirs vary and min has considerable choice. I picked the cheapest opion that did what I wanted. I could have spent more or less.

    Please ask anything you want about this but you need to find a user who is on the same carrier, in the same country as you are.

    I am sure that one (or more) will shortly be along to help you wherether you want it or not.
    09-08-08 11:16 AM
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    Got my Bold from vodafone today - fantastic!

    Anyway have the same problem with BB Maps. 'Your device is not configured for BIS or BES access'. But i have BIS access - that is what send me my e-mails and it was a doddle to setup.

    Downloaded Google maps after Google sent me a text message. that works fantastic - even got a position fix inside the house>

    The Bold came with a free 18 month subscription to Vodafone Sat Nav - but the application does not seem to be installed on the Bold and I can't find a link to download it.
    09-08-08 12:48 PM
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    Thank you all for your replies and for making me feel welcome.

    I'm really happy with the Bold, but would like to get the sat nav up and running, it's my only 'gripe' with it so far.

    I have got my msn email account set up on it, and it's working fine.

    But HOW do I know if I have BIS access and or how do I get it?

    I too have been told that I have 18 months sat nav subscription included, but the Vodafone call centre told me the 'link' to the maps set up wasn't working yet (typical).

    I'm sorry if I come across as being 'thick', but I really can't get my head around all of these different settings that are needed!

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    09-08-08 02:28 PM
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    The guys at Vodafone UK have finally found out the way around the problem and have sorted it out for me..

    Thanks to all who replied on here.

    Best Wishes,

    09-09-08 07:06 AM