1. alf#CB's Avatar
    I am considering getting an 8830 instead of a Windows Mobile product. I want the Verizon network (best in my area) and the global functionality. But is it worth it if I have to deal with just a plain Outlook 2003 server with no BB functionality? I don't want to leave a computer on all the time to forward emails, and in fact, I really can't since I use laptops exclusively.

    I currently run Outlook 2007, which syncs my calendar, contacts, and email with my Outlook 2003 server. My Outlook server does have web access as well as the plain-text mobile web access feature.

    Does this mean that I can use an 8830 to sync through the web without installing any conduits on my computer? It would be really great if I could use this to sync contacts, calendar, and email, even if the email wasn't true "push." I could deal with timed "pull" email on a short interval.

    So, let me know what my best option is. Frankly, I should probably wait for the i760 or xv6800, but I just can't wait any longer to get a new phone, and I know that the BB doesn't let people down easily.
    06-27-07 02:29 AM