1. curve-lover's Avatar
    I am a bb- curve owner..(I Love it, i am a total crackberry) I have verizon and am just wandering what the benifits would be for me to unlock my phone.. I have heard that if i unlock it i will be able to get gps, or wifi... is that true??? but doesnt it already have one or both of there?? my main question is what is the benifits of unlocking and what are the inbenifits??

    Thank yall
    09-17-08 05:51 PM
  2. Ter1990's Avatar
    Unlocking means that you unlock your GSM phone to use on other GSM carriers, not just the one that i came from. Verizon is not GSM.
    It does not unlock the gps, or wifi.
    09-17-08 05:55 PM
  3. sunkast's Avatar
    I think you have been misinformed. Unlocking a device is more of a term used for GSM devices, not CDMA devices. Verizon is a CDMA carrier. CDMA devices are really only good for the carrier they are branded to. There is no way to unlock the GPS on Verizon devices without paying for their GPS service.
    09-17-08 05:56 PM