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    So I know you can view and have the ability to download attachments and types of the attachments are the Office tools. Are the Office tools pre-loaded for viewing like on the iTouch and iPhone or are they needing to be purchased/downloaded?
    And once downloaded or if pre-loaded do they have the sucky 90 Day Trial and then you have to pay the hefty price for having the full versions???
    This tool will be really good for school use seeing how my prof's always somehow lose or forget to grade items I turned in either thru email or hard copy. That way I can have them as an attachment on my BB so I can send it to them right than and there in the blink of an eye without having to go home to my laptop and pray it goes thru again lol. Oh and my first BB will be the Storm!!! Wooho! Can't wait for the release!
    Sorry if this question has been asked before before but I am too lazy and sick to look lol. TIA!

    11-03-08 03:23 AM
  2. dakatone's Avatar
    Nope, cannot do it without third party software.

    Depending on the OS you are using, which if you get the Storm it should be latest and greatest, you have two options available:

    eOffice™, DynoPlex Inc. - This is for pre-4.5 OS use

    Documents To Go for BlackBerry Smartphones: Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your BlackBerry Smartphone - This is only good on 4.5 and later releases of the OS.

    And neither are free. DocumentsToGo is $70, while eOffice is $40 (both USD).

    I have done the searching but if anyone knows of a freeware solution by all means share it with us!

    And Mylan, what's this "too lazy to search" nonsense? Tsk tsk
    11-03-08 03:59 AM
  3. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    Which one is better I have always wondered but been too lazy to research.

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    11-03-08 09:42 AM
  4. Reed McLay's Avatar
    BlackBerry Attachment Service is included with all BlackBerry smartphones. It allows you to view email attachments in all of the common formats including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

    You can save the attachments to your media card and attach them to outgoing emails, but you can no longer view the attachments on the device. That should work fine for your needs.

    If you need to edit the documents on the device, you will need third party software.

    DocsToGo is provided with v4.5xx. They are free, working samples of the application. You can upgrade to the full version or you can stay with the free samples and work around the limitations.
    11-03-08 10:12 AM