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    Hello All,

    This Is My First Blackberry And I Have Had It For 6 Months. The First Thingi Would Have To Say Is That I Switched To Cingular From Verizon To Get This Phone And Call Quality Is 10x Better With Verizon.
    Nly Video I
    I Would Like To Know Why I Can Recieve Mms Videos On Everyother Phone I Have But The Balckberry Pearl Has Yet To Play One Video I Ahve Been Sent From Friends. It Always Says Mms Adaption Deleted. Why Is It That The Pearl Supports Very Little Variety Of Video Formats. Whats The Reasoning Behind That? Like I Said The Only Video I Have Been Able To Watch Is The Avi That Comes With The Phone Pre Loaded.

    P.s. Phone Is In Perfect Working Order!
    Any Thorough Anwers Would Be Appreciated
    Thanks Again
    04-27-07 03:14 AM
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    The video player is very limited and requires the files to be in a specific format. Unfortunately, it just won't work. I feel that is a huge downside to the Pearl, but we must remember that this is RIM's first camera phone.

    The upcoming 83xx is rumored to have video recoding capability, so maybe a fix is in the works for an upgraded Pearl OS.
    04-27-07 03:57 AM
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    Cool Thanks Bro. Disregard My Spelling Errors On My First Post, My Keyboard Is Getting Old
    04-27-07 04:00 AM
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    None the less even though it is RIM'S first camera phone I hav been able to watch videos etc on my razor from 5 years ago and the pearl can't even do that. It's a joke there is no excuse that the pearl only supports very few formats, of couse none of the mms formats that anybody sends me. RIM needs to pull there head out of there rear ends.
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    04-28-07 10:05 PM
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    I agree, but take it easy and relax.
    04-28-07 11:56 PM
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    CBS has a service where they will send you notifications of certain news events that you can also view the video of. The clips are usually 30 seconds in length, but they do work on the Pearl (and I suspect the 8800 also).

    You can sign up here: CBS News Video Clips

    Warning: The alerts will be sent via SMS. If you don't have SMS on your account, you will be charged for each alert!
    04-29-07 09:30 AM