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    Hi folks--it looks like this is the place to start learning about this amazing new toy. I've already stayed up way too late playing with my new Curve 8900.

    I just bought this as a way to replace/consolidate my aging cell phone, iPod mini, and Palm Zire. Carrying only one gadget is lovely.

    I had my Palm pretty well tricked out with all kinds of inexpensive but very helpful software and I am having trouble finding BB equivalents. Where do you folks look for BB software? There seems to be very little available of use to me. I'm looking particularly for something that allows me to keep my family medical records on my BB. Also, I loved PDA Cookbook, a lovely application which allowed me to consolidate all my recipes in one place and easily paste in recipes from my desktop. The only thing I've found (Appetite) has a lame list of preloaded recipes and no easy way to add in new ones.

    I went around and around trying to decide on a new phone and this was one of my big issues and the reason I considered both the iPhone and the G1 but the price of one and the reported instability of the other pushed me towards the Curve. Now I am hoping I can make it work for me!
    05-20-09 01:36 PM
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    Welcome to the perfect place for all berry users and abusers. You should feel right at home enjoy your new addiction!

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    05-20-09 10:31 PM
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    welcome and goodluck
    05-20-09 10:32 PM