1. SoCalTrophyWife's Avatar
    Hey everyone!

    You can just call me "V", I'm from SoCal and I sold my soul to the smartphone devil..lol

    I was never into cell phones, I previously had a RZR with Verizon and then went with a cheap prepaid for a few years. Now I have a BB Curve 8530 it's been 2 days and I'm in love!

    Still have a lot to learn but I apparently know more than my friend that has had a BB for over a year; I asked for her PIN for BBM and she had no idea what I was even talking about!

    Rock on and BB on!
    09-12-10 11:28 PM
  2. sedalia066's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry. Be sure to check out BB101 in the help forums for lots of information to expand your use of the phone. Enjoy.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    09-13-10 05:29 AM
  3. SoCalTrophyWife's Avatar
    Thank ya!
    There is A LOT of great info on here
    09-14-10 02:39 PM
  4. tigr5's Avatar
    Don't be afraid to ask questions. I've had two BBs and learn something new every day.
    09-14-10 02:52 PM
  5. Ahmed G.'s Avatar
    Hello V !

    Welcome to CrackBerry.com !!

    If you have any questions, please let us all know
    09-14-10 03:40 PM
  6. estimatesteel's Avatar
    Hi V...welcome to our party...lol
    09-14-10 05:03 PM
  7. 0n3WeG0's Avatar
    ^^haha it can be a party. Shout out to fellow so-cal bb user..
    09-15-10 06:32 PM
  8. MindTracker's Avatar
    Hey "V".... I sold my soul as well! Lol... They dont call em "crackberrys" for nothin!! Welcome!!
    09-15-10 07:38 PM