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    First post, and hopefully not the last!...

    I am debating on getting a smartphone, and leaning towards the Bold. As much fun as the Iphone is, I think the Bold would suit my business and travel needs. The problem I am having is that when I test them both at the AT&T store, I cannot pull up my company's website on the Bold. Comes up like a breeze on the Iphone, but when I try to log in with my employee number and password, it "processes" back to the login page. I know I am entering the correct entries because when I enter incorrect info on purpose it tells you it's incorrect.
    With that said, I have tried Opera Mini on my wifes AT&T 8310 as well as my Samsung A707 of all things (yes, a simple flip-phone) I can pull up my company's site with no problem! I just wish I could use the installed browser without resorting to Opera (I have had problems and error messages with Opera in trying to installing on the 8310 as well as bouncing back and forth between browsers).
    I realllllllly would like to get the Bold, but if I can't do business on the road, I can't really validate getting it. And I really think that the Iphone doesn't have all the features that I want or like.

    <takes breath>

    With that said... I have been surfing the forums and the community for a few weeks now and I just feel the love here! Seems like everyone is out to help everyone regardless of how stupid the question is. And I do have many more to come...


    P.S. I think it may have somting to do with JAVA imbedded in the site. It does have alot of pull downs and links similar to the crackberry site. Not sure if that would be a problem.
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    Hi & welcome to CB.

    PM me the address or a link to your comany's webpage if you like and I will see if I can call it up on my Bold. It may be that the emulation mode on the device needs to be changed for this site or the view changed to 'page view'
    12-08-08 02:42 PM
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    The problem is not pulling up the login page so much as that when I try to log in it just spits me back out to the login page all over again. I've tried loging in with incorrect passwords and emplyee numbers and it does acknowlege the incorrect entries (i.e. "you have used an incorrect password"). I would give the company page address to you, but I can't give you the password or employee id number to try this out. I work for a US based airline and they are pretty tight when it comes to web based security. I was just wondering if anyone out there was having the same problem initially with their company's web site like mine and if they were able to fix the their similar problem. Again, the site uses alot of popups and pull down menus like crackberry or any airline website you might go to.

    Thanks in advance!
    12-10-08 10:04 AM