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    Hope you guys don't mind my rather long intro.

    Hi, I'm new. Had a BB Curve 8310 for a short period of time, then jump to the BB Bold. I originally intend to buy my friend's Curve 8310 as a regular phone, but I got hooked to Blackberry when I signed up for the internet. Just as when I thought everything is good to go, I was informed that I should get "EDGE" instead of "edge". After a few days of small troubleshoots like wiping out the handheld and updating the OS, the browser that is supposed to be there is still not showing. I spent 5 hours with tech support (talked to a RIM tech too) on a Friday trying to get it to work. They tried to send the service books to me and did all sorts of stuff, but still not going anywhere. So I gave up and traded it in for a new unit. However, it had a defective USB port (misaligned pins) that doesn't like to charge unless you get into it at a certain position. I can only change my mind to another phone once within the first month or just swap for another working unit, so I was advised to upgrade to the Bold. Once I tried the working demo for 10 minutes, I can't get my hands off it and made the jump after the weekend. I'm very pleased with the phone and will do almost everything I would like it to do. The interesting thing is some of my close friends has 3G iPhone and Blackberry. Everytime we meet is like a iPhone vs. Blackberry war lol.

    Enough of the intro. I have a few questions.
    -Does AT&T has a data cap?
    -Can I use Wi-Fi at home so I can IM and surf the web with it? (I read certain sites does not work when you use Wi-Fi on BB)
    -I tried to back up my stuff, but I get an error everytime I do it. It does not matter whether I have the Bold or the Curve 8310. I had Desktop Manager 4.6 and 4.7 and both will do the same.
    -Has anyone tried to play WMV on the Bold and crashed because there is too many transitions?
    -Is it true that it's recommended to remove and replace the battery for at least once per day?

    That's all I can think of now. Thanks
    02-11-09 12:08 PM
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    One suggestion - new thread for each question, with a descriptive subject line. It makes them easier to find and respond.

    Data cap - see your AT&T service info. Most providers have a soft cap fair use policy but (with a few exceptions) it is difficult to reach the allowance unless you use the phone as a tethered modem to your PC.

    WiFi - Select Hotspot Browser to run through your home broadband connection instead of the phone network. Apart from better speed (and proxies/firewall blocking) there should be no difference between WiFi and phone network - if a site works on one it should work on the other.

    Backup - you need to head over to the Bold forum here and post some more details of the problem.

    WMV - AFAIK never tried it.

    Battery pull - if you need to pull the battery daily there's a problem. I usually get about 3 weeks between resets, and then its usually because I'm meddling with something or upgrading software. Discuss more in the Bold forum.
    02-11-09 05:29 PM
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    Welcome to CB! Post these questions in the bold forum and you will get more replies.

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    02-11-09 10:55 PM