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    Hello I work for IT im kinda new at this Blackberry stuff. A user in HR had blackberry issues with her calendar where it would not Sync with GroupWise 7 i Wiped out the whole device but i of course did the back-up for it before i wiped it. Copied users address book all looks fine. The only thing thats missing is some kind of short cut to her aol e-mail account. She currently already has access to her GroupWise E-Mail but not her aol and they are talking about some short-cut in her main menu here is a website that shows how her stand by screen should look like:

    Apparently i cant post URL's till i have 10 posts but you might know what im talking about. Its the Globe with the @ Symbol next to it.

    But even in the regular menu that globe with that @ symbol is not showing. If i have the back-up which one do i restore on her phone and what do i do? Thanks!
    12-13-07 01:57 PM
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    hmmm i never seen this problem
    12-29-07 08:52 PM