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    Hi everyone.
    I just purchased my first Blackberry (Curve 8830) from Verizon. I was using a Razr phone, PalmPilot and I-Touch (I work near Wi-fi spots). I wanted to get something to combine them all. The I-phone would have been perfect, but Verizon service is a lot stronger then AT&T where I live so I opted for the Blackberry. The phone sounds great and I love the push E-mail (addictive) but the web browser is lacking (compared to the I-touch). However, the biggest adjustment has been using the calendar without a touch screen (my main use of the Palm). When I bough the Curve I inquired about the possibility of a touch screen Blackberry and was told it is "not coming in the near future". After reading some of these posts (I lurked before I joined) I went to a different Verizon store and was told the Thunder should hit by September. It looks like the Thunder would have everything I want, especially a touch screen calendar.

    1) Does anyone know if the Thunder web browser will be like the I-phone or if it's going to be more of a mobile browser?

    I might see if Verizon will allow me to upgrade after the Thunder is out considering the fact that I could have stayed with my original phone and waited a month or so before re-upping my contract.

    also, I am having a hard time managing the device on my computer, especially my to-do lists and memos. The interface seems less user friendly then the Palm. I managed to synch my palm calendar to my Blackberry and am now managing managing the calendar with Yahoo calendar.

    2) Is there some way to manage memo's and to-do lists through the Desktop manager?

    and my third questions is the usefulness of the instant messenger program vs just sending a text message. I tried it out with a friend but it seems the speed of receiving the message was the same.

    Sorry if that info is elsewhere on this site- I'm still learning my way around. Thanks in advance for any info. From my prior lurking I can see that this site will be very helpful.
    08-19-08 06:46 AM
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    Welcome to CB!
    You Browser Configuration may need setup. While in your browser hit Menu>Browser Configuration, then ensure that everything shown below is "Checked".

    The Thunder will prob be better, but good luck trying to upgrade that soon.

    You can manage everything through Desktop Manager. Just Configure your Sync.
    08-19-08 06:53 AM
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    THANK YOU! What a difference on the browser!

    As far as the upgrade goes, Verizon has a 30 day try out policy. I am going to contact them if the Thunder is released after the 30 days and see if they will extend the time considering the circumstances.

    I'm going to play around with the Desktop manager. The problem might be on my IT end in my office. I upgraded to (i.e.- downloaded) the newest version of Desktop manager and that stopped the computer from crashing. So far so good.

    Thanks again for the browser help!
    08-19-08 01:44 PM
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    Hello & welcome to the cb family!
    08-20-08 12:02 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry!!
    08-20-08 07:12 AM
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    First off, welcome to CB!

    I would say if you are really wanting to wait for the Thunder then return your Curve right before the 30 day mark. They usually won't make any exceptions after the 30 day period and you may have to stay with the Curve purchase the Thunder at retail price.

    About the Instant Messaging app:
    I assumed you are talking about the Blackberry Messenger. If so you are correct the speed is about the same as a text message. The only differences are that with the BB Messenger you can see when the message was delivered and also when the recipient reads the message. You can also see when the other person is writing back.
    The best part is that if you do not have a sms or mms plan on your account the messages are all free because it uses data to send them. You can also send pictures and other files through the BB Messenger free of MMS fee's.
    08-20-08 07:54 AM
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    08-20-08 09:48 AM