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    Well, I had an old school 7250 BB, but it took a dump on me, so I stopped using it. That and it was my boss' phone. I just picked up a Sprint Pearl yesterday, because I couldn't wait (read: didn't want to wait) for the Curve to surface on their network.

    Gotta say, I am loving it so far. The only thing that sucked about it was trying to get a BB plan on it to begin with. I got it at BestBuy ($99 if you get a new contract, and a service plan $59.99 or more) and whe they were setting it up, they couldn't put a BB plan on it. They said that the Sprint Power Vision Access Pack would allow me to use BES with it. They were very wrong. After speaking to a few different reps at Sprint, they finally forwarded me to the BB Help Desk, and I explained to him what I was doing with the phone and he was trying to sell me the 49.99 plan. Just so everyone knows, I had the Sprint Vision thing and unlimited texting for $30 total. I asked him about the special BB Pack that they had for $30, but he said that wouldn't work with BIS, BES, or Redirector. After I searched their website, I found that there was a promo for the Unlimited Mail and Web plan for $39.99. So when all was said and done, I am paying $10 more a month, but I have the full BB plan and unlimited BB SMS.

    It's great phone so far. I just need to find more apps to put on it, and figure out how to get rid of the CellBrite app they put on at the store with just wiping the thing and starting from scratch.

    What apps do you guys recommend for a computer geek who loves his gadgets, and wants to hack this thing like he hacks PSPs? I would like to use the native AIM app, but I can't seem to find it on the phone at all.

    Thanks guys.
    01-24-08 04:21 PM
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    i'm liking newsgator go right now and operamini
    01-24-08 08:33 PM
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    welcome back!
    01-24-08 08:39 PM
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    welcome back dp
    03-16-08 05:56 AM
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    03-16-08 06:38 AM
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    Welcome back.
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