1. patrickivan's Avatar
    Good Day,

    I am still pretty new at this, but a couple of days ago, my BB froze up. When I restarted it, there were two new applications on my menu- Flickr, and MySpace! I didn't load these applications, and I don't frequent these sites. I was on Flickr once.

    Anyway, I went to my advanced options and applications builder so I could remove them, only they weren't there!

    So I have these apps on my BB, that I didn't ask for, and can't get rid of (other then by hiding them)...

    Now the odd thing continues. Today, the exact same thing happened on my wife's BB, and she NEVER went to either one of those sites.

    Any advice- concerns?


    11-27-08 10:31 AM
  2. joe003's Avatar

    Sometimes your carrier will "push" applications to your phone. I recently saw that my carrier, Sprint, added an application I didn't ask for. And I also can't remove it.
    11-27-08 11:48 AM
  3. patrickivan's Avatar
    Yes- That's it somewhat.

    My carrier is Rogers. They said that the apps were pushed on my device through RIM... They said we can't remove them from our apps list. We can only hide it...

    Personally, I don't like this. I pay for a service- a lot. Why the **** would RIM push Flickr and Myspace on our device is beyond me. Out of principal, because they forced it on me, I will never go to those sites.
    11-27-08 08:01 PM