1. somthinsim's Avatar
    I have go through the manual and tried searching for any threads on the boards about this with no luck. And I have a few questions about it.

    1. I assume it turns the phone on and off, but will the missed call logs be active, and will emails still come in?

    2. When you set the phone to off, is there a way to get it to turn back on before the scheduled time, e.g. set for off at 10 pm and on at 7 am, but if I need to call out at 6 or send a msg, can I turn the phone back on before 7am?

    3. similar question, the mute button. When I hold it down the screen turns off and the buttons don't respond. I put my BB in the BB sleeve and when I take it back out the phone turns back on asking to unlock. Why does this happen if it suppose to be in standby?
    10-15-07 01:16 PM
  2. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    1. The missed calls wont show up at all (I dont think) and the emails will pop in when your phone powers back on. So if you have it off from say 2am to 7am, all the mail you get during that time will show up at 7am when the phone powers back on.

    2. You can hit the power button on top and the phone will power back on.

    3. The phone is in standby when you do that, but I believe its an automatic thing when you remove it from the holster - dont hold me to that though.
    10-15-07 01:25 PM