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    i have a blackberry pearl 8130-how do i assign different ringtones to my contacts?
    09-25-08 09:29 PM
  2. traindrvr63's Avatar
    open contacts find the one you want to assign a ringer to, once their name is highlightedpush your bb button, scroll down till you see add custom ringtoneclick the trackball and it will go to your ringtone files, but make sure you are not connected to your computer or it will only show the preloaded ringtones.. then you find the ringtone you want , click trackball and it will say ringtone set and show ok, click on ok and there you go..all set up......................

    P.S.... If you look there are many programs out there you can get to make your own ringtones out of music you already have. I use one called mini ringtones, purchased thru crackberry.com
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    09-25-08 09:43 PM
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    welcome to cb and enjoy the addiction
    09-26-08 12:31 AM