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    I am about to purchase a bb- curve through verizon. I am wandering what some good cool apps are. and also is there an app out there that i can use to go straight to a weather page. I know that i can go to the internet and get it but i would like to have an app especcially for that. also is there any website or app that i can add that will send me alerts if there is school closings in my area? thanks and this is my first time so if i did anything wrong sorry..
    09-12-08 07:32 PM
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    Weather netwok has a nice launcher that I keep on my BB desktop.
    Sorry I don't have a link, I'm sure someone else can post it.

    But viigo and crackberry launcher are musts!

    Welcome to the addiction

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    09-12-08 07:37 PM
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    For the schools www.schools-out.com they have a text message service that you can use for any mobile phone but if you have email hooked up on your blackberry then you could get the emails from them for free.

    As far as cool apps, there are millions. I like Google Maps (blackberry maps will do it too) because you can search for stuff in your area like pizza or video rental or even specific names of places. It will show you on a map where they are and their phone number. I also like SplashId. SplashId let's you keep all of your important information password locked in your blackberry. They have a desktop program so you can sync your pc and blackberry SplashId up. It is handy for keeping web logins (emails and junk), credit card info (if you lose your card, you can have their phone number since they are all different), car information (vin, tags). It is endless! There are even programs out there that let you see where your phone is from a computer as well as send messages that will show up on the screen, great for if you lose it! The feature of being able to see where your phone is from a computer won't work for you though because verizon locks out the GPS which it needs. But there are a lot of programs available, some are just harder to find than others.

    Woo, enough typing from my phone. Enjoy!

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    09-12-08 11:39 PM