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    Hey anyone here in or around Newport News or Norfolk area? We are looking into moving to Virginia and I'm trying to gather information on different areas. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    08-10-08 09:20 PM
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    08-10-08 09:55 PM
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    Im in Virginia, but not that part.
    08-10-08 09:56 PM
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    **please take this info with a grain of salt as I am not an expert, just a citizen of the area& these are just my observations-someone who's lived here longer may correct me if I have incorrect information**
    I live in Franklin, which is rural south of the areas you mention.
    I moved with my wife & son here from L.A. CA a couple of years ago & am still adjusting. We really like the change of pace, but the summer is pretty humid.
    There are good & bad areas like anywhere else. Newport News is on what they call the penninsula area. Norfolk is the main central point of the Hampton Roads area, TV stations are all based in Norfolk.
    The Norfolk city & penninsula area is hugely Military with bases in Norfolk & on the penninsula & Norfollk also has one of the largest ports in the country for imports/exports.
    Chesapeake is just south of Norfolk & seems like mostly middle class area.
    VA Beach is south of the areas just mentioned-nice beach & a big tourist & spring break destination. Keep going south of the NC border & you'll hit the outer banks area-surfer's paradise, kind of a SoCal vibe-also a nice vacation destination.
    If you go west of Norfolk, toward Suffolk-you get into the rural areas the more west you go.
    North of Newport News is WIlliamsburg & Jamestown with intact historical buildings & settlements. Both are historical parks & working tourist attractions. I highly recommend a visit to these places as they will give you a lot of insight to American History.
    Being from So California, I've never seen so many bridges & tunnels in my life. Very cool to me coming from the west coast.
    Anyway good luck & please forgive the long post.


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    08-10-08 11:15 PM
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    Hey b4 u move to Hampton check out the background of the area. I have a few cop friends n the area who suggest careful exam of the area u mite move into. I've been there. Most of the area is very nice.

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    08-10-08 11:41 PM
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    Welcome to CB!!!
    08-11-08 08:10 AM
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    Welcome to the 757!!
    08-11-08 09:42 AM
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    Well my husband and I received orders to a Post in Newport News. We don't want to be too far from his work and we don't want to be in the "inner city" either. Our only other option if we can't find a nice area off post is to apply for housing on post. We'll see what happens. I hear that as long as we stay out of the "numbered" street areas of Hampton we should be fine. Any other information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks All
    08-11-08 09:44 AM
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    Welcome to CB! In the 757 area, check out

    HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com
    or HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.com
    I'm in the 757 as well....
    08-11-08 09:48 AM
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    I live in Newport News. Your best bet is to look for a place in Yorktown. Great schools if you have kids. And low crime area.
    08-12-08 07:30 PM
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    im from va beach
    08-14-08 12:27 PM